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Transmission Lines
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Transmission Lines start at Power Plants, then go to Substations to distribute power though lower voltage lines. In most cases to a lower Transmission Voltages or Sub-Transmission Voltages. And sometimes straight to Distribution Voltages. Transmission Line Voltages veries to how long of a distance the line is going for or how much energy is gong to used thought the line. Transmission Voltages most commonly used are 110kv, 115kv, 138kv, 220kv, 230kv, 345kv, 380kv, 400kv, 500kv, 765kv, and 1000kv.  More rare of Transmission Voltage would be 161kv used by very little power companies.


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>Most Common Voltages

"kv" stands for Kila Voltages (1,000)

-NSP 115kv and 69kv Transmission Lines

  • 80kv
  • 88kv
  • 110kv
  • 115kv
  • 138kv 
  • 161kv (Rare)
  • 220kv 
  • 230kv
  • 345kv
  • 380kv
  • 400kv
  • 500kv
  • 765kv
  • 1000kv (Mostly used in Japan and China)