Lewis Two Five Six Seven's Wiki

These are the rules of the wiki.

General Rules

1. Respect other users.

2. Do not steal content from other wikis unless you have permission.

3. No trolling.

4. Be kind to others.

5. Assume good faith.

6. Do not insult an admin if they tell you to stop something.

7. No blanking or vandalizing pages.

8. Have fun!

Admin/Chat mod Rules

Thes rules are reguarding admin and chat mod powers. Failure to follow these rules may result in imediate revoction of your powers.

1. No abusing your powers.

2. No blockfest/kickfest

3. You should not edit MediaWiki or Template pages unless you know what you are doing. Editing these pages may damage the wiki or damage its elements.

4. If a user is breaking a rule first ask them to stop and then if they don't listen you may use a short block.

5. Use infinite blocks as a last resort.

To become an admin you should demonstrate that you are willing to contribute to the wiki (make some edits to non social pages) and have good judgement and have a good history across wikia's network. (are not blocked, power abusing, rule breaking etc.)


All meetings will be held in the Skype group "Lewis2567's Wiki Skype Chat"

You may download and install Skype from this link: http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype

Skype is used instead of wikia chat because it is more stable and is able to log conversations for people who may not be online at the time of the meeting.

All meetings will be hosted by either Spongebob2567 (lewis25677) or Auron~Guardian (auron-ffx-).

Please ask before scheduling or holding a meeting. People live in different timezones and may be unable to attend at certain times.